CBRN Protection

CBRN Gate has a formal partnership with CBRN Protection GmbH.


CBRN Protection GmbH is a company based in Austria and it has a long history in providing practical CBRNe testing, training and education, including Live Agent Training. 


CBRN Protection GmbH, in partnership with Seibersdorf Academy, offers realistic CBRNe Live Agent Training in Austria for Emergency Responders and Military Personnel as well as testing with CBRNe materials.


The cooperation between Seibersdorf Academy and CBRN Protection GmbH combines national and international operational CBRNe experience with extensive Live Agent Training know-how and competence. 


Seibersdorf Academy is Austria’s largest CBRNe training center, and it is also a declared and inspected facility under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). 

The in- and outdoor training areas of Seibersdorf Academy allow for all year round trainings and testing with chemical warfare agent, toxic industrial chemicals, biological simulants, sealed (closed) and unsealed (open) radioactive sources.


Live Agent Training is designed and tailored so as to ensure that emergency (first) response personnel get an in-depth understanding of the specific hazards, risks, and response mechanisms associated with CBRNe emergencies and incidents. 


In these live agent trainings special focus is placed on the safety of training participants.


For more information: www.cbrn.seibersdorf-academy.com

Contact: info@cbrn-protection.com or academy@seibersdorf-laboratories.at