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Maj. Marco Appodia
Maj. Marco Appodia

Major Marco APPODIA was born in Subiaco (Rome) on April 12th, 1974.

During his life, He got: a Chartered accountant qualification, a bachelor’s degree in “Organization and Management”, a Master’s degree in “Communication and Public Relations in Business and International Organizations”, a Master’s degree in “Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences”, a post-lauream course in “Leadership”, and a post-lauream course in "Explosive and Energetic Materials for Security management”.

Basic Training

  • Academy for non-commissioned Officers (Sergeant, Sergeant Major and Warrant Officer from 1996 to 2001).
  • In 2001, after a selection of Italian Ministry of Defence, He was promoted Second Lieutenant and attended the Technical Application Course for Young Officers as Combat Engineer.

Advanced Education & Training (in Italy)

  • - “Ammunition Technician” Course at Italian Ministry of Defence,
  • - EOD and CBRN EOD Courses at Italian Ministry of Defence;
  • - C-IED Courses at Italian Ministry of Defence;
  • - CBRN Defence Courses at Italian Ministry of Defence.

Current Assignment


  • Head of Education and Training Branch at European Centre for Manual Neutralization Capabilities in Vienna

Previous Assignment (in Italy)

  • EOD Platoon Leader and Head of EOD Section at Italian EOD Training Centre.
  • EOD Company Commander, Head of EOD Department, Head of EOD Analysis and Info sharing and Head of Education & Training
  • Section at Italian C-IED CoE.


Advanced Education & Training (abroad - NATO/EU Nations)

  • - EOD and CBRN EOD Courses in other nations/multinational organizations//partners of Italian Ministry of Defence;
  • - C-IED Courses in other nations/multinational organizations/partners of Italian Ministry of Defence;

Previous Assignment (National Tasks abroad)

  • Incident Commander during the maxi-emergency consequent to the accidental explosion of an Ammunitions and Explosives
  • Depot in Gerdec Village, Vore municipality (ALB);
  • Secretary of European Defence Agency Project Team CBRN EOD;
  • Italian Subject Matter Expert at FINABEL;
  • Technical advisor/national representative at NATO MCLSB Interservice EOD Working Group.
  • CBRN EOD Subject Matter Expert/Master Instructor in support of NATO EOD CoE in Trencin (SVK).

Decorations and recognitions

- Medal of Honour for long command (silver):

- Golden Cross for length of service (seniority) (25 years);

- Commemorative Medal for participation at mission abroad: Afghanistan 2003;

- Commemorative Cross for participation at Operations Other Than War;

- Commemorative Cross for participation at Humanitarian Assistance Operations: Iraq 2004;

- Bronze Medal for merit during Civil Protection Operations in Italy;

- Commemorative Cross for Homeland Security Operations;

- NATO Commemorative Medal: Afghanistan (2003-2010);

- UN Commemorative Medal: South Lebanon (2009);

- Commemorative Medal of NATO EOD Centre of Excellence “Assisting in Saving Lives”;

- “Deutsches Sportabzeichen” and “Leistungsabzeichen der bundeswehr”;

- Skydiver’s Certification;

- Military driving Instructor and Instructor of Phisical Training and Ski and art of fighting in mountains.

Language proficiency levels

English: LWSR 4 3 3 3 (in accordance with NATO STANAG 6001).

French: personal knowledge.