Welcome to Master CBRNe Courses 2020

Dear colleagues, dear friends

It is a tough time and all the world is fighting against this terrible #enemy. In these days we have seen an incredible effort from all the people in term of work (#doctors#nurses#sanitary #personnel, persons working in the food sectors, logistic sectors, transportation and many others) but also in term of a common sense of civil education and respects for the others.

The Universities in Italy are doing all the best to continue the activities, nowadays the technologies allow the online didactic and a part of the research can be conducted safely. The University of Rome Tor Vergata is doing its part through the opening of a branch of the University Hospital dedicated to the #coronavirus (#Covid 4) and the continuation of the didactic activities.

In this contest we are glad to communicate that the #MasterCBRN will start tomorrow, 30th of March 2020, and here you can find a welcome video of the Directive Board members.

We have taken this emergency as an opportunity to improve, creating a dedicated #elearning platform that will host the modules of the 1st and 2nd level #MasterCBRN courses. The lectures are #onDemand, so the students can combine work, families and education with no troubles. We hope to meet the students after the summer, the human relation is priceless but, in the meantime, we do not stop the activities. SAFETY FIRST.

We want to take the chance also to remember that you can join our courses till the end of April 2020 (due to the emergency situation).

You can write to: info@mastercbrn.it for further information, we will re-contact you back.

We do also invite you to visit: www.cbrngate.com, the new portal implemented by #HESAR association that host all the #safety and #security activities included the CBRN platform.


The MasterCBRN Directive Board

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