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1. HESAR profile

HESAR is an association that promote multidisciplinary research devoted to enhancing the protection of public and the environment from threats that may harm its health, safety, and security. We provide advice and carry out studies to find the best solutions in these fields.



2.1 Education and training material of the frontal lectures and of the e-learning platforms for the 1st and 2nd Level International Master courses in Protection against CBRNe events – University of Rome Tor Vergata (MasterCBRN-UniTV)

All education and training material is protected by the Italian copyright law. All education and training training materials are your own personal and not for commercial use. They may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior permission of MasterCBRN-UniTV and of HESAR.


2.2 Photographs, audio and video recording

Participants are allowed to take photographs during the course for personal use only. Making audio and video recordings are not allowed during the course and any participant caught taping any lectures or material will be asked to delete the recorded material. Should a participant refuse to delete said material, MasterCBRN-UniTV and HESAR reserves the right to dismiss that participant.



3.1 Freely available public information

UniTV and HESAR do not resell or otherwise commercially exploit freely available public information and do not imply that this information is restricted or only accessible through or its other web platforms or its trainings. All interested parties are strongly advised to consult the official website of the EU at , the websites of ministries, various helpdesks, etc. and/or any other official network, supporting organisation or EC representation before taking advantage of the services provided by commercial organisations.


3.2 Information/content changing

      3.2.1 Changes by the European Union

UniTV and HESAR will work to provide the most up-to-date information to the best of its capabilities but is not responsible for any losses, monetary or otherwise, incurred due to time lapses between the official changes in the European Union’s information sources and changes within the e-learning and training course material. Under no circumstances shall UniTV and HESAR or any of its employees, partners or agents be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages including, but not limited to, lost revenues or lost profits arising from or in connection with the use of the information provided or reached through , or through the e-learning or training courses. No advice or information given by UniTV and HESAR shall create any warranty or liability including, but not limited to, the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the content, text, graphics, links or other items accessed through or reached from or via the aforementioned websites and e-learning and training courses.


      3.2.2 Changes by UniTV and HESAR


UniTV and HESAR reserves the right to edit the content of the information provided in the courses at its own discretion and without notice. Indecent or otherwise unacceptable behaviour through the portal’s communication channels may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of the user account. In the case of permanent suspension, no refund will be given.


3.3 Information from external organisations

Some of the pages in the e-learning course may contain links to information created and maintained by external organisations. UniTV and HESAR cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on these external links and cannot be held liable for any use of this information.



4.1 Confidentiality

All personal information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will not be redistributed in any way to third parties. The information provided will be used for accounting purposes, to inform users about changes to the websites, new and upcoming services and/or special services that are deemed beneficial to the user and/or his/her organisation.


4.2 Terms of password using

Purchasers of e-learning and training courses are not permitted to share, distribute, sell or otherwise transfer their password to other individuals or organisations. The password is for the sole use of the purchaser and is valid for a limited time period. Significant or unusual use of a password (including, but not limited to, significant use of a password on multiple computers, IPs or multiple log-ins at the same time) will result in denied access, temporary or permanent suspension for that password. In the case of permanent suspension, all user rights will be terminated without a refund. Providing false information may also result in the termination of user accounts without a refund.


4.3 Personal rights

UniTV and HESAR may take photographs, audio and video recordings during the scheduled events. These materials may be used for promotional purposes for future events and will not be used in an unprofessional manner. The Participants agree that photos may be taken and that they may be used for promotional purposes. Should a Participant wish to not have their photograph taken or used, they must make it clear to UniTV and HESAR during the event.



5.1 Network monitoring

For site security purposes UniTV and HESAR uses various software to monitor network traffic and identify any unauthorized access or attempts that may cause damage. Unauthorized attempts will be logged and reported to the authorities.


5.2 Unexpected system downtime

UniTV and HESAR has scheduled several downtimes for system maintenance. Unplanned or incidental downtimes may also occur. UniTV and HESAR shall have no liability for the resulting inaccessibility or for any losses incurred (financial or otherwise) resulting from the planned or unplanned system downtimes.


5.3 Viruses and other harmful components

The e-learning course is free of errors, viruses and other harmful components; users access the information at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damages caused to their computers, systems, hardware, software, data or files.



A registration can be made via internet or email. The registration is considered granted and legally binding if not rejected by the UniTV and HESAR in writing within 7 business days after receipt of registration. The registration will be supplemented by a booking confirmation via email. Partial bookings are only valid for seminars designed in modules.



Payment of the course fee is payable immediately upon receipt of the pro-forma invoice. Where payment is not received or lacking clear assignment to a participant prior to commencement of the course, Europa Media may refuse the relevant participant’s participation in that course. The course fee, however, is still due immediately and can be claimed as part of a dunning procedure or legal action. In case of default of payment within the stipulated time period, default interest on arrears of at least 5% above the ECB base rate is due and payable. UniTV and HESAR can claim higher damage for delay if and where proven. Equally, the participant may prove that a damage has not occurred or has had less effect than estimated by UniTV and HESAR

7.1 Payment methods

Payment shall be made by cashless bank transfer or by credit cards or bank transfer; cash or cheques will not be accepted. UniTV and HESAR is not liable for any loss of means of payment. The participant may only offset such claims against Europa Media as are undisputed, legally recognized or recognized in writing by the UniTV and HESAR. The right of retention is only acceptable in accordance with a counterclaim based on the same contract.






8.1 Cancellation by UniTV and HESAR


UniTV and HESAR reserves the right to cancel the education and/or training course.s Notification about the cancellation will be made by UniTV and HESAR via e-mail or telephone. UniTV and HESAR is responsible for ensuring that Participant receives the notification.

In case UniTV and HESAR cancels education and/or training course, the Participants have the following rights:


     8.1.1 Rescheduling the participation

UniTV and HESAR tries to provide the opportunity to reschedule participation upon availability and register the participant to another course if a course is cancelled. UniTV and HESAR cannot guarantee to provide another course which is the same as the cancelled course in terms of thematic scope and price.


8.2 Cancellation by the Participant


The Participant has the right to cancel participation. Notification about the cancellation must be made via e-mail or telephone prior to the event. The Participant is responsible for ensuring that Europa Media receives the notification.


    8.2.1 Rescheduling or substitution of participation

The Participant has the right to reschedule his/her participation and register to another course.

The Participant shall notify UniTV and HESAR of the rescheduling or substitution within 30 calendar days before the scheduled date of the education/training course/s. If the notification is made later than this date, then an administration fee of 10% of the course fee will be applied and invoiced to the participant to cover for the administrative costs and costs for the training material produced and prepared for the participant.



All cases shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Hungarian law to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention. As far as legally admissible, place of performance and place of exclusive jurisdiction shall be Rome, Italy.



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