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It is  a pleasure announce that the paper:

Measurements of Vehicle Pollutants in a High-Traffic Urban Area by a Multiwavelength Dial Approach: Correlation Between Two Different Motor Vehicle Pollutants



Riccardo Rossi, Daniele Di Giovanni, Andrea Malizia and Pasqualino Gaudio


has been published on:

Atmosphere, 2020, 11(4), 383;




The development and improvement of monitoring techniques to measure the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere are a starting point to guarantee high levels of human health and environmental safety. The combination of lidar and dial techniques, by measuring backscattering signals and reconstructing the map of their concentrations, can be used to provide detailed information about the presence of aerosols, particulate and pollutions. Moreover, by using a multiwavelength approach, it is possible to increase the measurement accuracy and reliability. In this work, the dial approach is used to monitor the pollution in a very congested urban area with high traffic. In order to provide a validation of the results, correlation analyses between the measured pollutants was performed. A new lidar analysis method, based on the least-square minimization technique, was introduced and demonstrated to work properly. The dial capability to detect polluted areas was shown—and by correlation analysis—also the possibility to identify the source of pollutions can be performed.



The paper is open access, you can download it here:

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