Special Issue on Laser Based Remote Sensors for Environmental Science: Apparatus, Measurements and Analysis Techniques

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The deadline on the special issue "Laser Based Remote Sensors for Environmental Science: Apparatus, Measurements and Analysis Techniques" that will be published on SENSORS has been extended to 30 September 2020. DO NOT MISS the CHANCE to send your abstract to Dr. Gaudio Pasquale. (gaudio@ing.uniroma2.it).



Laser-based remote sensing techniques are very promising methodologies. They have become important, sometimes primary, devices in industrial, urban, environmental, safety, and security applications. Concerning the safety and security field, remote sensing monitoring plays a crucial role in providing fast and preventive alarms in the case of intentional (terrorism, war, etc.) or accidental (natural, accident) diffusions of dangerous substances, such chemicals or pathogens. Moreover, remote sensing approaches may avoid people working directly in threatening areas and it may help understand the dangers and to take appropriate countermeasures. Pollution monitoring is also fundamental to preserve and guarantee a good quality of life, especially in industrial and high-traffic urban areas. This Special Issue refers to any research in the field of laserbased remote sensing applied to environmental, safety, and security fields. It will accept both original research and review articles about not only the techniques, but also innovative experimental apparatus or devices, and new data analysis techniques.



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