Best Presentation award for the 106 National Congress of Physics - SIF 2020

Dear colleagues,


We are proud to announce that the oral intervention presented by Prof. Pasquale Gaudio:

" On the use of laser-induced fluorescence for biological agent detection"

during the 106 National Congress of  Physics - SIF 2020 ù


has been awarded as BEST PRESENTATION of the conference and the authors have been invited to write a paper on the presentation's theme.


You can find the presentation at this link:


You can see the video of the presentation (slides in English language, voice in Italian language) at this link:


Greetings to Prof. Pasquale Gaudio, speaker at the conference.


Congratulations to all the authors of this work from the Department of Biomedicine and Prevention and the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata: 


  • Industrial Engineering: Dr. Mariachiara Carestia, Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni, Prof.. Pasquale Gaudio, Luca Martellucci, Dr. Riccardo Rossi
  • Biomedicine and Prevention: Maurizio Anselmi, Dr. Andrea Divizia, Prof. Maurizio Divizia, Dr. Andrea Malizia, Prof. Leonardo Palombi

A special thanks to Maurizio Anselmi and Dr. Riccardo Rossi for the amazing contribution in the experimental activities.




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