CAP. HOJUN Kwon - Thesis Discussion

Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure announce that Cap. 권호준, candidate of the First Level Master course in Protection against CBRNe, has succesfully completed the course with a thesis in which has analyzed the comparison between the Republic of Korea and Italy systems for the study on WMD Terrorism Response.

Hojun has worked in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata and colleagues of the Italian Ministry Office, Italian Ministry of Defence, Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs and, of course, the Republic of Korea Ministry of Defence. Hojun has been a great candidate and that learned a lot but has also teached a lot to us. We have appreciated not only the officer and the #MasterCBRN student but also the man.

Hojun is a person with a great intellingence and a big heart and he has conquered the trust and the friendship of many persons in Italy, in Europe, in Africa, in the United Arab Emirates and in Iraq.

I had the pleasure to be the President of the Commission for his final discussion (together with Colomba Russo, Stefania Moramarco, Riccardo Quaranta, Nicola Simone, Gaetano Carminati, Marco Carbonelli, Daniele Di Giovanni and Pasquale Lello Gaudio).

He completed the course with a well deserved 110 with honor (CUM LAUDE).

The University of Rome Tor Vergata and all of us will miss you my friend, I hope to come soon in Republic of Korea and we all hope to have you again in Italy as soon as possible.

I am also glad that you come and visit my beautiful born village, Settefrati.

The relations between the persons contribute to enforce the cooperation among Nations and I think we have done a good job to contribute in enforcing the link between Italy and Republic of Korea.

I wish you a safe trip back my friend.

Dr. Andrea Malizia

on behalf of the Directive Board of the CBRNe Master courses in Protection against CBRNe events.




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