Workshop on General Aspects on Chemical Safety and Security in Laboratories

Dear colleagues,


It is a pleasure announce that a few minutes ago has finished the 3 days workshop (8-10 June 2021) on "General Aspects on Chemical Safety and Security in Laboratories" organized by the OPCW in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair and International Cooperation, the Italian National Council of Research and the FEDERCHIMICA.


The workshop has been a huge success and it has been attended by over 50 experts worldwide.


The CBRN Gate/MasterCBRN, University of Rome Tor Vergata have been invited to organize an online Table Top Excercise (TTX). The HESAR association with its division INAC has designed and done an ad hoc TTX thanks to the brilliant work of Dr. Michael Ian Thornton.


The TTX, simulating an accident to a paint factory in the centre of an imaginary city, has been played by all the participants divided into 3 groups. The coordination has been done by Dr. Michael Ian Thornton with the support of the Teams Facilitators: Dr. Andrea Malizia, Dr. Colomba Russo, Dr. Riccardo Quaranta, Dr. Andrea Chierici.


It has been an intense 4 hours activity with an active and productive participations of all the participants involved.


We want to thank Commander Gaetano Carminati that is the one having the idea to let us organizing this TTX.


We want to thank Cons. Valerio Negro and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the constant support.


We want to thank Dr. Matteo Guidotti from CNR, brilliant coordinator of all the Workshop activity and Dr. Roman Warchol in charge for this activities for the OPCW.

A special thanks to all the lecturers and participants of this event.


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