2nd Session of the Thesis Discussion of the 10th Edition of the Second Level CBRNe Master Course

Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure announce that the 26th of July 2021 we have completed the First Session of the Thesis Discussion of the 10th Edition Second Level Master in Protection against CBRNe events (ADVANCED LEVEL for Advisor's of Decision Makers).

The candidates were:


- Dr. Claudio Calace Salvemini

- Dr. Damiano Ferrari

- Dr.  Fabio Callegari

- Dr. Chiara Ferrari

- Dr. Antonio Parrilla

- Dr. Edoardo Paternò

- Dr. Roberta Silvagni


The Commission was composed by:

- Dr. Andrea Malizia: President of the Commission


- Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni, Dr. Colomba Russo , Dr. Riccardo Quaranta, Dr. Mariachiara Carestia, Dr. Nicola Simone, Dr. Stefania Moramarco, Com. Gaetano Carminati and Dr. Ahmed Gamal Ibrahim: Members of the Commission


After a difficoult period that has seen all the candidates involved in first line, in different contest, in this terrible COVID19 pandemic it has been impressive follow the commitments of these experts as students and the amazing job they have done with their thesis.


Today we have assisted to presentations about emergency managment, chemical risks and numerical simulation, communication and infodemic managment, climate change and CBRNe, training and education for medical physiscists and many other topics.


The beauty of this course is not only having the chance to teach but also to learn and develop new solutions with these amazing people.


It has been a pleasure, and this is only the beginning of our journey together.



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