Radioactive Measure System on drones realized by Dr. Andrea Chierici

Dear colleagues,


On July 26th, the University of Rome Tor Vergata (MasterCBRn/CBRN Gate - Laboratory of Quantum Electronics and Plasma Physics coordinated by Prof. Pasquale Gaudio), in collaboration with the University of Pisa (Research Group of Nuclear Measure and Instrumentation coordinated by Prof. Francesco d'Errico) has successfully assessed the performance stability of the UAV-mounted gamma-radiation detection system designed and developed in the context of Project DEUSS (Detection Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with Sampling System) by our brilliant Post-Doc Dr. Andrea Chierici that you can see in the picture with the collaboration of another brilliant PhD student Luca Martellucci, PhDc.


The UAV, pilot and flying area were provided by Air Drone Service SRL (Rome). Project DEUSS is coordinated by the University of Rome Tor Vergata in cooperation with the NBC School of Rieti (Italian Ministry of Defence) within a NATO grant (NATO grant received under the “Defence Against Terrorism Programme of Work” (DAT PoW) 2019 for drone development for CBRNe detection) awarded to the NBC School of Rieti (Italian Ministry of Defence) (thank you Dr. Francesca Fumian and Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni).


The aim of the project is the development of an affordable, compact, battery-powered RN (Radiological and Nuclear) detection system specifically designed to be mounted on UAV multi-copters of mini category (maximum take-off weight less than 25 kg) that can operate to detect and map RN contamination before the intervention of first responders in a variety of scenarios.


Here you can see some of the videos and pictures taken during the test which went very well.


We want to thank also Dr. Andrea Malizia that had the idea to mount low payload and low cost measure systems on the drones for the CBRNe detection. It has been part of his second PhD Thesis in Industrial Engineering (2013-2017). It is impressive all the results achieved in 8 years.


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