CBRNe training in virtual environments: SWOT analysis & practical guidelines

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It is a pleasure to announce that a new scientific paper has been published on the CBRN special, that is one of the 3 the special issue of SICC Series - CBRNe Conference 2020 published on the International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering (Guest editors of the special issue: Dr. Andrea Malizia, Dr. Marco D'Arienzo and Dr. Parag Chatterjee).


Murtinger, M., Jaspaert, E., Schrom-Feiertag, H., Egger-Lampl, S. (2021). CBRNe training in virtual environments: SWOT analysis & practical guidelines. International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 295-303. https://doi.org/10.18280/ijsse.110402


link: https://www.iieta.org/journals/ijsse/paper/10.18280/ijsse.110402



Virtual Reality (VR) is increasingly being used in the area of training. Especially for professions where errors can cost human lives, VR simulation training can be valuable. Therefore, VR is very suited to improve CBRNe training. To maximize the effectiveness of VR training, it is imperative that such a CBRNe VR training is introduced and implemented sensibly. Building on data from workshops with police officers, trainers and other experts in policing, this study aimed to conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis, to uncover the current Strengths and Weaknesses of VR as well as identify potential future Opportunities and Threats to a successful implementation of VR in CBRNe training. Results showed that the strengths of VR for CBRNe training are, amongst others, the ability to realistically simulate dangerous situations that are difficult to organise in real-life, the possibility for trainees to train regularly and at any location, and the fact that trainings can be recorded and comprehensively reviewed with trainees afterwards. Lack of technology acceptance, economic aspects, incomplete requirements and technical limitations are the main weaknesses of VR. This has resulted in the formulation of a set of 10 important guidelines to successfully introduce and implement VR in CBRNe training practices.

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