Concept of Using Eye Tracking Technology to Assess and Ensure Cybersecurity, Functional Safety and Usability

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It is a pleasure to announce that a new scientific paper has been published on the CBRN special, that is one of the 3 the special issue of SICC Series - CBRNe Conference 2020 published on the International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering (Guest editors of the special issue: Dr. Andrea Malizia, Dr. Marco D'Arienzo and Dr. Parag Chatterjee). 


Gordieiev, O., Kharchenko, V., Illiashenko, O., Morozova, O., Gasanov, M. (2021). Concept of using eye tracking technology to assess and ensure cybersecurity, functional safety and usability. International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 361-367.





Eye tracking technology is based on tracking the trajectory of human eye movement. As a rule, it is implemented in the form of an additional device attached under the monitor or in the form of glasses. On the basis of a mathematical model, the focus of a person's attention is calculated and, accordingly, the user's visual route is built. Eye tracking technology is used to solve various problems, e.g. for marketing research, assessing the quality of user interfaces, developing simulators for operators, etc. The article discusses the concept of using eye tracking technology to assess and ensure cyber security, functional safety and usability. The possibility of using eye tracking technology (ETT) to solve the problem of identifying a person's personality is considered separately. The solution is achieved by reproducing a certain trajectory by a person's vision. This technique can be used as a basic or additional technique for identifying a person's personality. It also analyzes the results of using eye tracking to study the interface of an automated information system for operator support based on algorithms for symptom-oriented emergency instructions (ASOEI), which is used at nuclear power plants (NPP).

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