Being a Gynecologist Doctor Specialized in IVF, a Mother and a Woman at the Time of COVID-19

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It is a pleasure to announce that a new scientific paper has been published on the CBRN special, that is one of the 3 the special issue of SICC Series - CBRNe Conference 2020 published on the International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering (Guest editors of the special issue: Dr. Andrea Malizia, Dr. Marco D'Arienzo and Dr. Parag Chatterjee).


Ferrero, S. (2021). Being a gynecologist doctor specialized in IVF, a mother and a woman at the time of COVID-19. International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 487-490.






The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people around the world with terrible impacts on health, economy, social and psychological aspects and so on, but in this paper, I would like to focus attention on how this situation is worsening the female world. Although men have been shown to have a higher risk factor due to the presence of testosterone, women are severely affected due to:


Health Impact

•      Reduction of life expectancy in terms of delay on necessary oncological checks and consequent progression of related pathologies;

•      Delay/Stop in taking up the battle against the infertility which can result in potential depression;

•      A significant increase in fears for both, the woman herself and the incoming creature.


Social Impact:

The ability to resilience and manages critical situations have always been a female peculiarity but we cannot fail to consider objective data such as:

•      Reduced chances to save the job position after a severe economic crisis;

•      Enormous stress for the dual role of mother and worker aggravated by the distance learning (DAD)


In this work I will bring to the attention my experience in this emergency period as a gynaecologist doctor specialized in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF); as a mother and as a woman living this situation in the Italian Society.

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