26-28 January 2022 - Table Top Excersise and RIGAKU webinar

Dear colleagues,


It is a pleasure to announce that last week, 26-28 January 2022, we have concluded 3 days of TTX that has started with an interesting webinar of Rigaku Analytical Devices devoted to a technical preparation of their hand-held detectors for the chemicals and precursors of explosives substances. The webinar contents have been useful also for the TTX so we want to Rigaku Analytical Devices for this interesting activity.


The TTX has been divided into 3 parts:


- Day 1: Individual work;

- Day 2: Teams activities;

- Day 3: Debriefing of Teams


The classes involved have been the 5th and 6th editions of the First Level MasterCBRN and the 11th Edition of the Second Level MasterCBRN. 


We want to thank the Project Manager of the TTX, Dr. Michal Ian Thornton, the President and Vice-President of HESAR Dr. Alba Iannotti and Dr. Colomba Russo, and the CBRNe experts that have supported this activity: Dr. Riccardo Quaranta, Dr. Andrea Chierici, and Dr. Cristiano Franchi.



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