RESIST Project - Real Life Excercises in Romania

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Last week marked the end of the three real-life exercises in Romania, which saw the participation of both the numerous RESIST operators, required to respond to the various CBRN threats, and the panel of observers involved in the project (PROECO,UNITOV, IAI, VVF, SAFE, ENEA and NBC Defence School). 

Thanks to the efficient organisation, put in place by both the Proeco and Safe teams, it was possible to follow the progress of the exercises remotely (for the observers not present). A debriefing then followed to assess the performance of both the RESIST trained operators and all the authorities involved (Fire Brigade, Police, Civil and Military Medical Services, Airport Operators) in responding to the emergency at the Critical Infrastructure level.


The exercises took place on 10 March at Tuzla Airport, and in this case the operators had to deal with a type C threat from a package containing a toxic substance, stored on a shelf inside a closed room, near the passenger check-in. 


On 9 March at the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering where operators faced a type R threat regarding a laboratory radioactive source.


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The 7 March real-life exercise was attended by 25 operators from three critical infrastructures: Societatea De Transport Bucuresti (STB), Bucharest Municipal Company, Termoenergetica and Dr. Carol Davila Military Hospital. The real-life exercise foresaw the simulation of a type C threat in a bus during its daily maintenance routine and cleaning operations.


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