EUProtect final Workshop in Madrid

Dear colleagues,
We are glad to say that the Table Top Exercise (TTX) in Madrid in the aim of the EUProtect Project has been designed by #INAC - Division of #HESAR association ( and conducted by Dr. Michael Thornton and Dr. Riccardo Quaranta both members of #MasterCBRNe Directive Board (Università di Roma Tor Vergata) and associated with #HESAR.
It is since 2016 that #INAC is running #TTX on #CBRNe worldwide and we are proud that the association #HESAR is cooperating with us in many #CBRN initiatives (#TTX, #DrillExcercises #FullScaleExcercises, #FunctionalExcercises, #Conferences, #Workshop and #Intership on CBRNe #research, #Education and #traininga spects).
We want to that all the persons and entities involved in the #EUProtect consortium, in particular the Project Coordinator Dr. Umberto Battista (we count to continue to work with you and #STAM Umberto 🙂 ).
We want to thank the Università di Roma Tor Vergata experts involved in the project: the Coordinator Prof. Pasquale Gaudio, the P.Is Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni and Dr. Riccardo Quaranta, the admin responsible Dr. Colomba Russo.
A huge thank you to Dr. Michael Thornton, we know you are very busy and we are thankful for all we have learned and for what you will continue to teach to us in the future.
It is impossible to do not to mention and thank the #HESAR Board of Directors. Thank you to President Dr. Alba Iannotti, Vice-President Dr. Colomba Russo, and to Dr. Luigi Antonio Poggi (Dott Giantò) and Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni.
Thanks also to those that help in #TTX realization and that you do not see: Dr. Andrea Chierici and Dr. Cristiano Franchi.
The world is great when experts are united and work together to provide safety and security and not to throw bombs.

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