L.O.C. - SICC Series CBRNe Conference 2023

Dear colleagues,


We are glad to announce all the components of the Local Organizing Committee of the third edition of the SICC - Scientific International Conference on CBRNe that will be held in Rome next September 2023.


L.O.C President: 

  • Prof. Andrea Malizia

L.O.C Directors

  • Dr. Colomba Russo
  • Dr. Alba Iannotti

L.O.C members:

Prof. Pasquale Gaudio, Prof. Francesco d'Errico, Prof. Guglielmo Manenti, Dr. Dieter Rothbacher, Dr. Michael Ian Thornton, Prof. Susana de Souza Lalic, Dr. Marco D'Arienzo, Dr. Gian Marco Contessa, Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni, Dr. Riccardo Ciolini, Dr. Riccardo Quaranta, Dr. Riccardo Rossi, Dr. Andrea Chierici, Dr. Ombretta Picchioni, Dr. Stefania Moramarco, Dr. Mariachiara Carestia, Dr. Cristiano Franchi, Dr. Gian Marco Ludovici, Dr. Colleen P. Ryan, Dr. Grace P. Xerri, Dr. Francesca Ponzani, Dr. Luca Martellucci, Dr. Alessandro Puleio, Dr. Luigi Antonio Poggi.


to learn more about the L.O.C. visit the page and click on the images:


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