14th Joint Activity organized in the context of the project eNOTICE

Dear colleagues,


It is a pleasure to announce that yesterday successfully concluded the 14th Joint Activity organized in the context of the project eNOTICE (European Network of CBRN Training Centers https://www.h2020-enotice.eu/).


The Joint activity was developed in collaboration by the "Scuola Interforze per la Difesa NBC" in Rieti and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, and was held at the School's NUBICH training area from November 15-17, 2022.


Within the Joint Activity, a Multidisciplinary Field Exercise was held on November 16. This exercise  and a related workshop were a joint actions organized by the European Union-funded projects eNOTICE and PROACTIVE (Preparedness against CBRNe threats through common approaches between security practitioners and the vulnerable civil society, https://proactive-h2020.eu/)


eNOTICE's collaboration with the PROACTIVE project aims to improve society's CBRN preparedness by increasing the effectiveness of responders in handling large and diverse groups of people in a CBRN environment. The interaction between CBRN first responders and the civilian population, including vulnerable groups (such as the elderly, minors, people with disabilities, etc.) during CBRN response is a key aspect that has been tested through joint field exercises in eNOTICE project member training centers, first in Germany, and now in Italy.


For this reason, the exercise involved not only the personnel of the NBC School, the 7th CBRN Regiment "Cremona," the Fire Department and the Carabinieri, but also 40 civilian volunteers.  Their involvement was made possible thanks to CARIS (http://caris.uniroma2.it/), Save the Children organization, CARITAS Rieti and some Associations active in the field of social inclusion of vulnerable groups.


We would like to thank for their contributions in the design and development of the activity and our colleagues Daniele Di Giovanni, Grace Xerri, Pasquale Gaudio, Riccardo Quaranta, Alessandro Puleio. 

We would like to deeply thank Maj. Giampaolo Santini and all the personnel of the Scuola Interforze per la Difesa NBC for their valuable work and all PROACTIVE project team involved in the activity for the fruitful collaboration.



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