Conclusion of the MELODY project

Dear colleagues,


Last week, the MELODY project reached its end after more than 4 years of hard, but very rewarding

work. The programme included a last very successful Train-the-Trainer (TTT) course held at Campus

Vesta (Belgium) for the Dutch-speaking community of CBRN practitioners in the Benelux Area, closing

the extensive series of TTT courses that were held in the last few months of the project in Belgium,

Hungary, Portugal, Sweden and Germany.


Finally, on Friday December 9 th , 2022, the MELODY consortium met in Brussels representatives of the

European Commission and CBRN experts to share the results of these intense years of work and to draft

together the way forward to guarantee, after the end of the project, the continuity of the path started

with MELODY and the evolution of CBRN training in Europe for first responders. Both the materials and

the innovative curriculum developed by the MELODY project were presented and discussed and were

met with interest and approval by practitioners and decision makers. The International Master Courses

in Protection Against CBRNe events of the University of Rome tor Vergata, partner of the MELODY

consortium, were represented by Riccardo Quaranta who worked on the project in the last two years,

but we want to thank the entire team that put a great deal of effort in these 4 years towards the

achievement of the project results and success. (Prof. Pasquale Gaudio, Dr. Mariachiara Carestia, Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni, Dr. Alba Iannotti, Dr. Grace Xerri and the one and only Dr. Colomba Russo)


We are very proud to say that a few countries in Europe have already started the discussions to include

MELODY in their national training programmes.


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