Project VERTIgO - Roundtable discussion

Dear colleagues,


The University of Rome Tor Vergata (UNITOV) hosted a roundtable discussion on January 11 th led by research fellow, Grace Xerri. This meeting was organized within the framework of Project VERTIgO (Virtual Enhanced Reality for the inTeroperable training of CBRN military and civilian Operators).

The roundtable was conducted as part of the current work package in progress, focused on the elaboration and design of test-case scenarios for its innovative European Exercise Simulation Platform. The meeting was attended by CBRNe experts from multiple European nations, representing both civil and military operators, and including several NATO representatives. The aim of this meeting was to establish an open dialogue about relevant training practices and expectations from the perspective of CBRNe experts, field operators and trainers, and other EU project partners. We would like to thank all the participants for their time and contribution to this fruitful discussion. Our sincerest thanks for their insightful comments and for sharing their invaluable expertise with us!


Stay tuned for more news on Project VERTIgO.

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