Maj. Daniele Del Gaudio, Lt. Col. Andrea Gloria and Lt. Comm. Gaetano Matrone

Dear colleagues,

Yesterday 12 January 2023 we had 3 amazing lecturers :


Maj. Daniele Del Gaudio (7th Regiment CBRN CREMONA - Italian Ministry of Defence) had a lecture in the morning on:

- Italian CBRN Defence organization

- 7th CBRN def Regiment "Cremona" - Capabilities

- 7th CBRN def Regiment "Cremona" - Operations


Lt. Col. Andrea Gloria (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) that had a lecture in the afternoon on the:

- Office for disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation

- Lebanon 2020 - Beirut Port Explosion



Lt. Comm. Gaetano Matrone (head of the CBRNe office of Italian Navy, Italian Ministry of Defence) that had a lecture in the afternoon on the Organization of the Italian Navy for CBRN defense on board and on land.



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