Prof. Jean Luc Gala, Dr. Luca Pinciarelli and Cmd. Stef Stienstra

Dear colleagues,


Yesterday we had day 4 of the Bio module for the First Level MasterCBRN course.


We want to thank the 3 great lecturers:


 - Prof. Jean-Luc Gala (Founder and Director of the Center for Applied Molecular Technologie and Full Professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain) had a lecture on Dispersion and diffusion: routes of bioagent


 - Dr. Luca Pinciarelli (BMD spa) who had a lecture on Field Detection of Biological Agents


- Cmd. Stef Stienstra  (Dutch Navy) had a lecture on Emerging biological threats that disrupt both society and military operations; the #Ebola case study and lessons learned; #SARS- #Cov-2 case-study


Stay tuned! 

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