‘Train the Trainer’ symposium hosted by Project Bullseye in Bratislava

Dear colleagues


We are excited to announce that Research Fellow, Grace Xerri, was an invited representative for Italy to the ‘Train the Trainer’ symposium hosted by Project Bullseye in Bratislava this week.


Project Bullseye aims to create a standardised approach to chemical and biological response by developing harmonised procedures that can be implemented throughout Europe. Over the four-day symposium, the project staff presented their training curriculum to a group of high-level CBRNe experts representing 25 nations of the European Union. These experts offered advice and critical feedback on the functionality of the curriculum and offered suggestions to implement this training in their home countries.


Main topics of discussion during this meeting included demonstrations of the equipment developed by the project partners as well as presentations on how the curriculum has already been put into practice in several countries in Southeast Asia. We are proud to share that part of the work developed by Bullseye has been designed as a complementary model to implement the training curriculum created by our University of Rome Tor Vergata staff for the recently ended project MELODY.  



We offer our congratulations to the project partners of Bullseye for their great work and look forward to seeing this training utilised throughout Europe in the future!



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