Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority and Dubai: 12 days of meetings and new cooperation opportunities

Dear colleagues,


A delegation of the Directive Board of the CBRNe Master courses composed by Prof. Andrea Malizia (Coordinator of the courses), Dr. Colomba Russo and Dr. Alba Iannotti (Didactic Coordinators of the CBRNe Master courses has visited the colleagues, students and former students and friends of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority and meet also the students and former students of the Dubai Custom Agency and Dubai Police spending, from the 7th to the 18th of December 2023, 11 wonderful and fruitful days in the United Arab Emirates.


The principal reason of this Institutional Visit was the renewal of the MoU that will be with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority (ADCDA). The two delegations of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and ADCDA have completed the technical preparation of the papers that will be evaluated by the legal offices to prepare the signature ceremony that will be held in 2024 in Abu Dhabi.


It has been a great occasion to discuss not only the continuation of the activities for the CBRNe Master Courses but also new activities regarding research, training and education. related to safety and security aspects.


We took the chance also to deliver some of the diploma that the students had not the chance to get in the university because of the past pandemic situation.


We want to thank all the offices and colleagues involved in the international cooperation activities at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

A special thanks to Dr. Colomba Russo and Dr. Alba Iannotti, fundamental pillars of the CBRNe education, training and research activities held in our University.



Enrollment for the new editions of the MasterCBRNe are open! The courses will start next 26 of February 2024.

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