Synergies to protect places of worship and religious gatherings

Dear colleagues,


Yesterday a delegation of the #MasterCBRN CBRN GATE participated in the workshop " Synergies to protect places of worship and religious gatherings." with the aim of the EU project SPIRIT EU (


The workshop, held in the Great Mosque of Rome, was attended by many National and International experts such as the Prefetto of Rome city Lamberto Giannini, and the Prefetto Laura Lega Head of the Immigration Department of the Italian Ministry of Interior.


Prof. Andrea Malizia had the pleasure of giving a speech on the critical infrastructure CBRN risks at religious gatherings.


It has been a great experience and another occasion to work on safety and security.


We want to thank Dr. Cozzolino Massimo for the invitation, Dr. Nicholas Lalazisis from KEMEA coordinator of the project, and the Imam Great Mosque of Rome El Refaey al Shahat Abd Rabou Issa.



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