DAY 3-4-5. Module 1

Dear colleagues,


We have concluded today 01 March 2024 the first module of the new edition of the CBRNe Master Courses.


We had Maj. Daniele Del Gaudio from 7th Regiment Cremona CBRNe, Dr. Federico Mallia expert in nanotechnologies, Dr. Marco Carbonelli CBRNe expert of the Prime Ministry Office, Dr. Dieter Rothbacher from the Austrian Army, Dr. Andrea Gloria and Dr. Cutrino from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cmd. Gaetano Matrone from the Italian Navy, Dr. Michael Ian Thornton from INAC - UK.


The lectures have been dense with CBRNe concepts, case studies, and lessons learned.


We closed the module with a Table Top Exercise run by Dr. Alba Iannotti and Dr. Colomba Russo with Dr. Riccardo Quaranta and Dr. Marianne Chalhoub as facilitators.


Thank you all for the amazing work!



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