eNOVATION. EU Horizon Europe Funding Program

Dear colleagues,


We are very proud to announce that a new project has been granted:


eNOVATION (EU Horizon Europe Funding Program)


eNOVATION is a 3-year project (2024-2027), it focuses on teaching and training for first and second responders and provides them with adequate user-friendly technologies and tools that enable them to improve the global risk assessment on-site and provide better protection to the practitioners and the population potentially exposed. eNOVATION aims to expand the CBRN eNOTICE Training Centre (TC) network by including CBRN Center of Excellence Regional Offices and CBRN CoE of partner countries as key contributors. The main goal of the project is to create a functional structure that meets the operational needs of the entire Security community for CBRN crisis preparedness and response. Key aspects of eNOVATION’s action include providing access to upgraded capacity labeled TCs, advanced training methods using technologies like VR/XR, user-friendly on-site tools and technologies to security practitioners, updated policies and crisis management adapted to new threats and enhanced CBRN marketplace access. 

The Belgian National Crisis Center will take the role of coordinator in a consortium with 22 partners.
























STATUS: Starting September 2024


Congratulations to Prof. Pasquale Gaudio, Prof. Daniele Di Giovanni, Dr. Grace P. Xerri and Dr. Colomba Russo for this important achievement.


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