ADVANCED I-RAD. JCBRNE Defence CoE in Vyškov

Dear colleagues,


An intense week of radiological/nuclear training at the JCBRNE Defence CoE in Vyškov, Czech Republic, has just concluded. Students from the first level of the International CBRNe Master Course at the University of Rome Tor Vergata successfully participated in the "International Radiological and Nuclear Training for Emergency Response - Advanced (I-RAD)” course held by expert instructors from the Department of Energy (DoE) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the United States of America from May 13 th to May 17 th , 2024 The aim of the course was to provide practical information to effectively respond to radiological incidents and accidents. The course provided instruction through briefings, useful equipment demonstrations and two full days of field exercises designed to practice the employment of a wide variety of radiation detection and identification instrumentation, radiation sources, and personal protective equipment with the aim of search and recovery.


We want to thank the entire JCBRN Defence CoE for their continued support and collaboration with the International CBRNe Master Course at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the consistent high quality of the training provided to our students. Our most sincere thanks, in particular, go to LTC Dočkalová, acting ETED Director, MAJ Plucnarová and WO Schindler for organizing such a well-structured week and the warm welcome provided to our students.


We want to thank also Dr. Riccardo Quaranta, from our MasterCBRNe Directive Board, that has participated to this training on behalf of University of Rome Tor Vergata and Cpt. Augusto Trinetti official tutor of the MasterCBRNe for these training activities.


Our sincere greetings to Maj. Bruno Ferrandes and the Didactic Coordinator Dr. Alba Iannotti and Dr. Colomba Russo.



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