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On May 21st, the Final Event for Project VERTIgO – Virtual Enhanced Reality for interoperable training of CBRN military and civilian operators (EDIDP-SVTE-2020-047-VERTIgO) - took place at the Istituto Affari Nazionali in Rome. The event was attended by representatives of the Italian Ministry of Defence as well as the European Commission. There were 2 panel discussions, the first of which involved presentations from project consortium partners to discuss the main key achievements. Culminating in 2.5 years of contribution to the project’s development, our colleague Grace Xerri represented the University of Rome Tor Vergata with a presentation on the advantages of using Virtual Reality to enhance CBRN training.


The second panel discussion focused on a forward outlook of the project’s results and was represented by the Commander of the Joint NBC School of Italy, the Security Officer of ENEA, and the Italian National Fire & Rescue Service. The event concluded with a showcase of the project’s end results: the European Exercises Simulation Platform (software) and Integrated CBRN VR mask (hardware). The event was also attended by Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni & Prof. Pasquale Gaudio.


A huge congratulations to all partners of Project VERTIgO for their hard work and achievements! We look forward to future endeavors to promote such innovative VR technologies to enhance and standardize CBRN training in Europe. 

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