DSS module - Master CBRNe

Dear colleagues,


We are glad to announce that in the fourth week of June we completed the module of the Master CBRNe devoted to the Decision Support system for the students of the First Level Master CBRNe


We have started with two company leaders in the sector: Riskaware developer of the Urbanaware software (https://www.riskaware.co.uk/what-we-do/urbanaware/) for CBRNe diffusion simulation and Fondazione SAFE a non-profit foundation dedicated to enhancing security, defense, and civil protection across Europe and beyond (https://www.safe-europe.eu/). SAFE has allowed the students to test the product developed during the VERTIGO project (https://cbrn-vertigo.eu/) for the CBRNe training with Virtual reality.


Days 2,3 and 4 were with Prof. Andrea Malizia, Dr. Riccardo Quaranta (Università di Roma Tor Vergata), and Dr. Gian Marco Ludovici (Thermofisher) who have done theory and practical sessions with the software HotSpot, Aloha and STEM for R, C and B events simulations.


On the afternoon of day 4 Dr. Riccardo Rossi (University of Rome Tor Vergata) gave an interesting lecture on Artificial Intelligence and its potential in safety and security applications.


The fifth day was with Prof. Andrea Malizia to start together the complex homework that will be delivered in September 2024. The students have to simulate 3 different scenarios (B,C,R) with the software and then describe the actions of the First Responders. The MasterCBRNe started to enter the difficult but interesting part, students were enthusiastic about this assignment! 


We want to thank all the lecturers and Dr. Colomba Russo, Dr. Alba Iannotti, and Dr. Riccardo Quaranta for their important contributions.




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