MasterCBRNe at the Global Biosecurity Conference

Dear colleagues,


From 2 to 4 July, the first "Global Biosecurity Conference" was held at the Interpol headquarters in Lyon (France) on environmental and public health issues relating to the following topics:


·      Biological Threat Landscape

·      Critical Infrastructure Protection and Targeted Threats

·      Dual-Use Commodities and Research in The Fields Of Biotechnologies and Life Science

·      Law Enforcement Roles And Interagency Cooperation In Response to Biological Incidents

·      Capacity-Building Efforts To Prevent, Prepare for, and Respond To Biological Threats And Incidents

·      Online Contents Impacting the Bioterrorist Threat

·      Tackling Biological Threats to Animals and Plants from a Law Enforcement Perspective


Dr. Nicola Simone, CREA technologist and member of the didactic board of the International Master Courses in Protection Against CBRNe events of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and PhD candidate in Industrial Engineering at the same University presented, in the session referred to the last topic of the list,  an innovative and multidisciplinary model of passive surveillance to prevent and monitor outbreaks in the agronomic and forestry sector. 


Dr. Simone was the only Italian speaker present at the conference and was selected from hundreds of abstracts presented so we are very proud of him!


At the conference, sponsored by the Government of Canada, there were representatives of public security - but not only - from 41 different countries around the world.

We want to thank also our friend and colleague Dr. Fanny Ewann from Interpol.



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