DAY 2 - Master CBRNe - 1st and 2nd Level 2024
28. February 2024
Dear colleagues, We want to give a warm thanks to the lecturers of day 2 of the MasterCBRNe (First and Second Level Master courses). Prof. Radovan Karkalic, Full Professor at the University of Belgrade and Colonel of the Serbian Army Dr. Rashed Alshamsi, Export and Control Organism of Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Thank you! STAY TUNED!

Opening ceremony - Master CBRNe 2024
27. February 2024
Dear colleagues, We are very proud to announce that yesterday, 26th February 2024, the 13th edition of the 2nd Level MasterCBRNe and the 8th edition of the 1st Level MasterCBRNe started. The ceremony was opened by the Rector of the Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Prof. Nathan Levialdi Ghiron, who stressed the importance of education, training, and research and of International cooperation in case of CBRNe events. The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the Department of Industrial Engineering...

Final TTX  - First and Second Level - Master CBRNe
21. February 2024
Dear colleagues, 19-20 and 21 February 2024 took place at the University of Rome Tor Vergata the final TTX for the First and Second Level MasterCBRNe students. The students have faced a challenging emergency scenario and received over 40 injects in 2 days. The third day has been dedicated to the presentation and discussion of results. The classes have been divided, First Responders and Advisor of Decision Makers, with the same TTX but two different approaches to facing the emergency. It was the...

G7 Italia - Global Partnership against the spread of WMD
08. February 2024
Dear colleagues, Today 8th February 2024, Prof. Andrea Malizia (Coordinator of the International Master Courses in Protection Against CBRNe events at the University of Rome Tor Vergata) had the pleasure to participate as speaker at the event "Global Partnership against the spread of the Weapon of Mass Destruction" organized at the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs (in Piazzale Farnesina, Rome - Italy) organized under the G7 Italy activities (Italy has the Presidency of G7 in 2024:...

Master di Secondo Livello in Metodi, Normativa e Tecniche per la Sicurezza convenzionale e non convenzionale- MENTS
05. February 2024
Istituzione È istituito presso la Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia dell’Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, in convenzione con il Dipartimento dei Vigili del fuoco, del Soccorso pubblico e della Difesa civile, il Master universitario di II livello in “Metodi, Normativa e Tecniche per la Sicurezza convenzionale e non convenzionale- MENTS” . Il master è tenuto in lingua italiana. Il master è tenuto in modalità presenza. Direttore: Prof. Guglielmo Manenti Finalità...

Synergies to protect places of worship and religious gatherings
31. January 2024
Dear colleagues, Yesterday a delegation of the #MasterCBRN CBRN GATE participated in the workshop " Synergies to protect places of worship and religious gatherings." with the aim of the EU project SPIRIT EU ( The workshop, held in the Great Mosque of Rome, was attended by many National and International experts such as the Prefetto of Rome city Lamberto Giannini, and the Prefetto Laura Lega Head of the Immigration Department of the Italian Ministry of Interior. Prof....

Corso per formatori FAD
26. January 2024
Gentili colleghi e colleghe, Nelle giornate 25 e 26 Gennaio 2024, in virtù della convenzione tra i Master Internazionali in Protezione da eventi CBRNe - Università di Roma Tor Vergata ed il Viminale - Ministero dell'Interno abbiamo organizzato ed erogato, per il 80 partecipanti del Dipartimento dei Vigili del Fuoco, del Soccorso Pubblico e della Protezione Civile, un corso per la Formazione dei Formatori a distanza. Il corso, Diretto dal Prof. Andrea Malizia con la Direzione Didattica...

e-Notice 2
24. January 2024
Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce that this week officially started our new EU project entitled #eNOTICE-2. eNOTICE-2 is a project selected by the #European Commission under the - Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations – DG ECHO as part of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. eNOTICE-2 focuses on the improvement of the overall preparedness and capability for responding quickly to major cross-border crises involving C, B or RN agents or a...

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority and Dubai: 12 days of meetings and new cooperation opportunities
21. December 2023
Dear colleagues, A delegation of the Directive Board of the CBRNe Master courses composed by Prof. Andrea Malizia (Coordinator of the courses), Dr. Colomba Russo and Dr. Alba Iannotti (Didactic Coordinators of the CBRNe Master courses has visited the colleagues, students and former students and friends of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority and meet also the students and former students of the Dubai Custom Agency and Dubai Police spending, from the 7th to the 18th of December 2023, 11...

14. December 2023
Dear Colleagues, Prof. Pasquale Gaudio and Dr. Daniele Di Giovanni attended the VERTIgO Management Board meeting held at Mestel's premises in Genoa, Italy, on 12 -13 December. This meeting has been a unique opportunity to present the main results of the ongoing Work Packages and to plan the future activities of the project before the final event that will be held at mid-2024. During the meeting, they had the chance to test the latest version of the main objective of the project, the EESP...

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