ARZ 2023 CBRN exercise - Beirut

Dear colleagues,


It is a pleasure to report here the news by our candidate for the 12th Edition of the First Level #MasterCBRNe Marianne Chalhoub who attended the #ARZ  2023 #CBRN exercise that took place in Beirut, Lebanon:


"Hello, My name is Marianne Chalhoub and I’m a Student in the 7th Edition of the First Level Course of Protection against CBRN events in the University of Rome Tor Vergata.


I had the chance to attend the ARZ  2023 CBRN exercise that took place in Beirut, Lebanon.

The exercise comprised a series of scenarios involving different hazards, emphasizing the diverse challenges responders may encounter in real-world situations. Each scenario was designed with injects to test the capabilities and coordination among participating entities.


It focused on practicing decontamination protocols for personnel, equipment, and affected individuals, emphasizing the importance of thorough decontamination to ensure safe recovery operations. It provided as well an opportunity to test and evaluate the effectiveness of specialized equipment and technologies used in CBRN response operations. This included personal protective equipment (PPE), detection and monitoring devices, decontamination systems, and medical equipment tailored for CBRN environments. 


It was truly gratifying to witness the practical application of the knowledge acquired during my university studies in the field of CBRN response. Seeing the theories, concepts, and methodologies I learned in lectures and seminars being put into action during the exercise was both validating and enriching.


I found myself drawing upon the lessons learned in various courses, from understanding the properties of hazardous substances to implementing risk assessment techniques and decontamination protocols. 

This first-hand experience reinforced the significance of the academic foundation laid during my university education and highlighted its direct relevance to real-world scenarios.


I extend my sincerest gratitude to our Board members, instructors, and Professors of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, who have played an instrumental role in shaping us into proficient CBRN First Responders with the First Level International Master Course in Protection Against CBRNe events CBRN GATE"


Thank you, Marianne, we are proud of you and of the MasterCBRNe students and CBRNe experts who participate in this important international training.





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