CBRNe defense intensive course

Dear colleagues,


We are glad to announce that the first "CBRNe defense intensive course", organized by HESAR - CBRN GATE in cooperation with the International Master Courses in Protection Against CBRNe events of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, was successfully concluded last Friday.


The course has been conducted under the direction and supervision of Dr. Alba Iannotti (Sole Director of HESAR and Didactic Coordinator of the First Level MasterCBRNe) and Dr. Colomba Russo (Co-founder of HESAR and Didactic Coordinator of the Second Level MasterCBRNe) for a cohort of students coming from the King Saud Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (College of Medicine-Jed)  (Riyad, Arabia Saudita).


The course has been organized into theoretical, practical, and training sessions with visits to the laboratories of the Quantum Electronics and Plasma Physics Research Group (thank you Pasquale Gaudio) and to the Diagnostic Medical Department of the Policlicnico Tor Vergata (thank you Prof. Guglielmo Manenti). The course has been concluded with Table Top Exercises conducted by Michael Ian Thornton with Alba Iannotti, Colomba Russo, and Riccardo Quaranta.


We want to thank all the lecturers of the course for their contributions: Dr. Alba Iannotti, Dr. Colomba Russo, Prof. Radovan Karkalic, Dr. Nicola Simone, Dr. Massimo Pedemonte, Prof. Jean-Luc Galà, Cmd. Stef Stienstra, Dr. Fanny Ewann, Dr. Alessandro De Bernardis, Prof. Andrea Malizia, Dr. Agostino Paolino, Prof. Pasquale Gaudio, Prof. Guglielmo Manenti, Dr. Luca Martellucci, Dr. Riccardo Quaranta, Col. Bernd Allert, Cmd. Stefania Fiore, Maj. Daniele Del Gaudio, Dr. Francesco Geri, Dr. Michael Ian Thornton, Dr. Stefano Vernarecci and Dr. Antonio Parrilla.


We want to thank Raset Formazione Ricerca Sviluppo, LARIMART-DPI, and BMD Spa for supporting this activity.



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